AMID Global Pro Risk Management

  • Real-time monitoring systems help you understand and manage your own trading risk at any moment of the day so you can react quickly to changes in the market.
  • Real-time margining continuously enforces limits for each account, automatically liquidating positions if any individual account violates its limits at any time.
  • AMID Financial Centre Risk Navigator, our free real-time market risk management platform, unifies exposure across multiple asset classes around the globe and lets you monitor and adjust your risk profile.
  • Orders are automatically vetted on a pre-trade basis.

Risk Management

Our sophisticated risk-assessment technology helps you manage your risk in a dynamic market.
How we handle customer assets

The AMID Financial Centre Risk Navigator

The AMID Financial Centre Risk Navigator is a real-time market-risk management platform that provides a comprehensive measure of risk exposure across multiple asset classes around the globe.

The Risk Navigator is a real-time market-risk management platform that provides a comprehensive measure of risk exposure across multiple asset classes around the globe.

Its easy-to-read spreadsheet-like interface lets you quickly identify exposure to risk starting at the portfolio level, with drill-down access into successively deeper levels of detail within multiple report views. The Risk Navigator offers traders the following benefits:

Option Analytics

Use the Option Analytics window to see values that reflect the rate of change of an option’s price with respect to a unit change in each of a number of risk dimensions.

Part our Price/Risk analytics suite, the Option Analytics Window lets option traders visualize changes in an option’s price with respect to unit changes in Greek values.

The Option Analytics Window includes the following features:

Model Navigator

Modify pricing assumptions and include them in the model price calculation using this sophisticated option model pricing tool.

Part of our Price/Risk analytics suite, the Model Navigator allows you to modify the pricing assumptions used to calculate option model prices and recalculate the model price. The Model Navigator is a sophisticated option model calculation engine that offers the following benefits to options traders:

  • View your entire risk in a single number while monitoring the total risk and direction of risk associated with a single position.
  • View your portfolio risk for multiple asset classes and assess specific risk slices of your portfolio, such as risk by position, risk by underlying, and risk by industry.
  • Create an editable, hypothetical “What-If” portfolio based on your actual portfolio to see how your risk profile might change based on changes you make to your portfolio, such as adding, closing, reducing or increasing positions.
  • Create complex custom scenarios by editing the price, date and volatility variables that affect your risk profile.
  • Easily view an option’s structure.
  • Edit interest rates, dividends, lending yield and implied volatilities.
  • Adjust the underlying yield so that the stock lending rate can be reflected in the model calculation.
  • Model prices display in a range of colors, letting you quickly see where they fall in relation to the current bid and ask prices.
  • Build, maintain and monitor positions in a separate area by building new portfolios.
  • See how capital is being allocated on a day-to-day or even minute-to-minute basis.
  • Create interactive curves to see at a glance how changing volatility assumptions, stepping closer to expiration and adjusting the price of the underlying impacts the value of an option line.
  • Specify close values by increasing or decreasing the implied volatility, and reducing the time to expiry.
  • Create dynamic curves based on different date scenarios.
  • Modify the strike prices, expiries and exchanges using easily accessible controls.
  • View Greeks and Put+Call P&L curves together or separately.
  • Use the Portfolio Relative P&L graph to see how the total value of your portfolio for a specific asset class (or a subset of your portfolio) will change based on a percent change in the price(s) of the underlying(s).

RISK DISCLOSURE: Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results. The risk of loss in trading financial instruments can be substantial, and you should carefully consider the inherent risks of such an investment in light of your financial condition. Day trading on margin or short selling may result in losses beyond your initial investment. Options trading is highly speculative and contains a high degree of risk and is not suitable for all investors.