Commission Markups

Brokers have the ability to charge their clients for services rendered based on a fee-per-trade unit for each asset class (e.g. stocks, options, etc.), exchange and currency. The trade unit is determined by the unit AMID Financial Centre uses for its commissions charges and can be on a per share, per contract, or % of trade value basis. Specify all commission markups on the Client Fees page in Account Management.

Client Fee Templates

Client fee schedules can be applied to accounts individually or can be stored in templates. As a broker, you can configure fees for one or more client accounts, or set up client fee schedules in templates, then assign the templates to client accounts. The use of templates allows you to easily maintain different fee schedules for multiple client accounts.

If you are a new broker (i.e., you just opened your Introducing Broker – IB account), then there will be a blank default client fee template, which you can then configure with your own fee schedule. If you are an existing broker, your old global fee schedule is now the default client fee template. You can modify the default template.

Rules for Broker Client Fees

The following general rules apply to broker client fee schedules:

If a broker has not created a fee schedule for an individual account, then the default client fee template will automatically apply to that account.

Brokers can also specify fees per trade for specific products and exchanges.

Fees and markups owed to fully disclosed and non-disclosed brokers are sent to the master account and then swept to the broker’s Proprietary Account for Broker-Dealers every night.

Types of Broker Client Markups
For each asset class/currency, a broker can select one of the fee-per-trade client markup types listed below, one markup type per asset class/currency.

Minimum Amount
Maximum Amount
Ticket Charge
Absolute Markup and Absolute Amount
% Markup

Exchange and Regulatory Fees

Markup Summary

Brokers can view all commission markup schedules for their client accounts on the Markup Summary page in Account Management. The Markup Summary sorts information by fee schedule, and displays client accounts that use the global markup schedule together.