Comprehensive Reporting

Statements and Reports

Benefit from readily available and easily customizable summaries of your AMID Financial Centre account.

  • Detailed statements with up-to-date information about your account activity, including positions, cash balances and transactions are easily available and downloadable at all times in various file formats.
  • Statements are easily customizable so as to include only the information that you want to see.
  • Run trade confirmation reports to view all executions.
  • Brokers and Advisors can run a number of specialized reports, including the Advisor Fee report, Client Summary reports, Broker reports, and more.

Comprehensive Reporting

Automated trade reporting software: our statements and reports cover all aspects of your account. Check for trades, orders, and prices, easy to view and customize, Get everything you need to track the markets, manage your investments, and trade.

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Real-Time Reporting


Total shares traded

Unrealized profit & loss

Realized profit & loss

Gross and Net profit & loss

Total commission

Equity percent change for the day

A real-time risk monitor for each authorized account

Ability to view each authorized account, and see the detail in each account

Ability to create customized risk monitors for all authorized accounts

Advanced Functionality

Fully FIX Compliant

Real-time Market Data

Options Chain View and Montage

Easy to Install

Order Tickets

Automatic Updates

Order and Execution Logs


Ability to create customized risk monitors for all authorized accounts

Portfolio Analyst

Our online reporting and analysis interface, lets you analyze the performance of your account online by creating and saving customizable reports based on a set of measurement criteria and optionally comparing the data to selected industry benchmarks.


Run and customize activity statements to view detailed information about your account activity, including positions, cash balances, transactions, and more.

Downloadable Statements

Save your statements, or download them to a variety of third-party.

Daily Margin Reports

Daily margin reports detail requirements by underlying assets. Our Trading software lets traders and managers easily track all activity in a trading account. Users will have access to a complete back office management system that allows desk managers and traders the capability to perform on the fly updates and risk monitoring. Our trading platform tie into the back office solution. Create IDs, commission schedules, buying power figures and permission sin real time. In addition keep track of trader profit and loss also in real-time.