Orders executed in multiple lots on the same trading day will be charged a single commission. When an order is partially executed over multiple trading days, the order is subject to a separate commission charge for each trading day.


Venue Add Liquidity Take Liquidity Outbound Shares
ARCA $0.002 ($0.0030) ($0.0035)
ARCA (OTCBB) $0.0025 ($0.0030)* ($0.0030)*
Barclays LX ($0.0015) ($0.0015) N/A
BATS Y ($0.0018) $0.0016 ($0.0033)
BATS Z $0.0020 ($0.0030) ($0.0029)
BOSX ($0.0025) 0 N/A
CROSS+ ($0.0025) ($0.0025) ($0.0025)
CROSSFINDER ($0.0015) ($0.0015) N/A
EDGX $0.002 ($0.0029) ($0.0029)
EDGA ($0.0006) ($0.0030) ($0.0030)
FLOW $0.0019 ($0.0033) ($0.0035)
IEX $0.0009 ($0.0009) ($0.0035)
ITG AlterNet ($0.0015) ($0.0015) N/A
ITG Posit ($0.0017) ($0.0017) N/A
KNIGHT FAN $0.0024 ($0.0028) ($0.0028)
NASDAQ $0.0020 ($0.0030) ($0.0030)
NASDAQ Hidden $0.0005 ($0.0030) ($0.0030)
NASDAQ PSX $0.001 ($0.0029) ($0.0035)
NYSE $0.0014 ($0.0027) ($0.0031)
PDQ ATS N/A ($0.0019) N/A
Fee Rate Additional Details
STC: ($0.0000184) Multiply this amount by the principal amount sold
FINRA TAF: ($0.000119) Covers sales of exchange registered securities whenever executed. Multiply this amount by the number of shares sold
Options ORF: ($0.0356) Multiply this rate by the number of options contracts traded

Stocks priced under $1.00 are subject to different routing charges and are not rebate eligible. Rebates are subject to forfeiture in the event an ECN or exchange does not remit the rebate to AMID Financial Centre. Routing charges are subject to change without prior notice.

A minimum commission charge will be applied to any order.

All routing fees/rebates and regulatory fees are charged separately.

Discounted rates are not automatically applied to any account and do not automatically adjust based on monthly volume. You must contact us to request any rate changes. No rebates will be issued for past activity. All rates subject to ongoing review and may be increased if clients fail to meet the trade/share thresholds listed above. All stock/ETF pricing listed on this page applies to listed equities only. Call for OTCBB/Pink sheet rates.