Institutional Equities

Cash Equities

AMID specializes in executing transactions in cash equity and equity-related products for institutional clients around the world. These products include common stocks, global depository receipts and exchange-traded funds.

Equity Derivatives

Across global equity derivatives markets, AMID is a provider of execution services and solutions. Our product suite encompasses equity options, equity swaps, warrants, structured notes and futures on individual securities, indices, and baskets of securities.

Prime Brokerage

AMID has led the industry and set the standard for excellence in prime brokerage. Our broad and deep client relationships, market-leading platform and intellectual insights enable us to be a world-class service provider to our clients for their financing, market access and
portfolio management needs.

Electronic Trading

AMID Electronic Trading offers global electronic access across cash equities, options and futures. Our electronic trading tools include a broad suite of algorithms, smart order routing and direct market access.

Fixed Income


AMID is a market leader in the Commodities sector, providing risk management, investor products, financing solutions and liquidity across commodities markets including oil, metals, power and natural gas. With knowledge of both the financial and physical aspects of commodities, we are execution specialists, salespeople, market analysts and originators. Working closely with our colleagues across AMID, we offer efficient access to capital to help
clients protect and grow their businesses and to take advantage of market opportunities.

Macro Products

AMID is a global dealer in interest rate and currency products, including interest rate cash and derivatives providing primary and secondary liquidity, foreign exchange options for institutions and family offices, and the development of sophisticated investment and trading strategies for emerging-markets sovereign countries.

Global Credit Products

AMID trades all fixed-income assets with embedded credit in a variety of areas, from municipal securities to investment-grade and high-yield bond and credit derivatives trading. In addition, AMID structures, procures underwriting, and trades the full range of collateralized securities, including those backed by residential and commercial mortgages, in
both the cash and derivatives markets.


Our global sales function connects AMID’s resources with our institutional clients, such as banks, insurance companies, hedge funds, money managers, pension funds and mutual funds. Sales executives help institutional clients to achieve their particular investment objectives, providing them not only with product expertise but also with access to all areas
of the firm.